Non-Surgical Alternatives to LASIK Eye Surgery

Millions of people suffer with vision problems. People with perfect vision don’t often understand what a struggle it can be if you cannot see properly. With the advent of painless surgery such as LASIK eye surgery, many people are turning to that as a means to free themselves of their sight related problems.

If you are wary of having LASIK eye surgery there are other options available to you. Although you’ll want to speak with your eye care professional about what is best for you, consider these:

Extended wear contact lenses: If one of the reasons that you are considering LASIK eye surgery is because you are tired of having to deal with contact lenses on a daily basis, these might be perfect for you. Extended wear contact lens are just as they sound. They can be worn for up to a month without ever having to remove them. Your eyes need oxygen in order to stay healthy and with extended wear lenses they are receiving more oxygen than they would with standard contact lenses. These can also be purchased in the color variety for the person who wants to make a fashion statement.

Toric Contact Lenses: In recent years a new type of contact lenses has been developed that is designed for people with astigmatism. In the past if you suffered from astigmatism, it was difficult to fit you with a contact lens that was both comfortable and functional. Quite often, the only choice for a person suffering with this was glasses. In order to free themselves from that they would instantly consider LASIK surgery. With Toric lenses, they now have an alternative and can wear contact lenses.

Progressive Sunglasses: One of the most heard of complaints from eyeglass wearers is that they need to change their prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses when they are outdoors or driving. New technologies have made this inconvenience a thing of the past, however. With progressive eyeglasses, the lenses are designed to change as the lighting changes. Therefore, when the person wearing the glasses goes outside, the lenses darken allowing for sun protection.

No Line Bifocals: As people mature, they are often faced with more complicated vision problems. These need to be corrected through the use of a bifocal lens. For some women and men as well, this can be seen as a symbol of being “old” and they will shy away from them as long as possible. With the new no line bifocals it’s impossible for anyone to tell that the person wearing them requires bifocals. This is a much easier and less costly solution than undergoing LASIK eye surgery.

Any surgery comes complete with risks and if you are contemplating LASIK eye surgery it may be wise to first consider all of the non-surgical alternatives. Talk to your ophthalmologist about the possibility of using corrective lenses or contacts before deciding on surgery. You may be able to find a cure for your vision ailment without having to bear the cost or risks associated with a LASIK procedure.